Jack Harrison a Yankee in the Premier


Jack Harrison is a left winger from 1996. He takes his first steps in Manchester United’s youth sector, which he soon leaves to live in the United States. Hired by New York City after a good year, he gets noticed by Manchester City which brings him back to the United Kingdom. With the citizens he didn’t find space and moved on loan to Leeds. Here, under the guidance of the local Bielsa, he affirms himself in great football with a promotion to the Premier League, the call-up to the English Under-21 and an ongoing championship that sees him increasingly protagonist.

Technical features

Physically strong left winger who can play all-court, he’s a full-fledged man. You can often see him in his own half winning back balls and kicking off the action thanks to his physicality which makes him impassable in tackling. Endowed with speed, skilled in the restart, he manages to do the whole left-handed lane and provide perfect assists for his teammates, thanks to a good vision of the game, sometimes even with long and precise throws. These characteristics must be emphasized by his ability in one-on-one, he has dribbling in his DNA that often leads him to easily jump over the current opponent. The only weak point is the high balls, not being a good header. This year in the 4-1-4-1 at the Bielsa place he also found the freedom to concentrate, revealing a certain familiarity in front of goal, with already three goals this season.

In the two years in Leeds, Harrison seems to have truly matured and is ready for the definitive leap in quality. The Europeans are at the gates, the Southgate group now seems decided, but on this guy who has been able to recover his career after returning from Major League Soccer, at least one opportunity must be granted to him.


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